About Us

At Quadtro, we have a clear mission in all our mind, deliver the right solution in ELV and physical security solution to our clients. From CCTV Surveillance, Door Access, Alarm Monitoring, Time Attendance Recording, Biometric Solution, Visitor Management, Network Infrastructure and etc. Quadtro always design the system carefully to achieve the well balance on the system comprehensiveness versus the cost of deployment. Cost efficient is our promise to our clients, as not all brands or solution met every customer need. We believe in long term business relationship must be built on trust and integrity, therefore, we will treasure every single customer and promise to deliver good products and services on every single job regardless on the size. Whenever there’s a physical security solution is needed, Quadtro will be your right partner to choose.

Our Mission

Quadtro Technology is a company aim to deliver quality products and provide good services to our customer in ELV aspect.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure people get what they need in security solution, take over the hit-and-run cases and provide long run good services to our clients.

Company Organisation Chart

Best Performance Staff For 2020

Adam Abdullah has started working with Quadtro since early 2019. His attitude and discipline given for work, very impressive! Quadtro wish all the best for him and become one of our best worker every year!